Monday, January 24, 2011

Well, I'm back

Not sure why I haven't been posting here. I certainly have had plenty of time. The big box store cut my hours to the bone right after Christmas. Only scheduled for 12 hours total this week and they haven't been calling me to cover other shifts when people don't show up.

Not much has been happening anyway though. It's been unusally cold and I've been sleeping like it's November. If I stay under the covers I can avoid turning the heat up to just really cold instead of almost freezing.

I did have a birthday a couple of weeks ago. I don't usually get presents anymore but I do treat myself to something in celebration. This year I bought myself a bathroom plunger. I'll spare you the gory details but having a working toilet was the best gift ever.

Meanwhile, don't want to jinx it but I'm planning to start posting here regularly again. As always, thanks for sticking with me through the dry spells.


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