Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Perfect Child

Building a bit on yesterday's post, talking about Casey got me thinking about the Newmans. For many years I was virtually a member of that family. I loved their kids like they were my own. I watched them grow up. One summer I spent a couple of weeks "babysitting" Jo while the rest of them were out of town. Seems like only yesterday I was driving her somewhere and telling her not to tell me what she was doing behind her parent's back because I would be duty bound to squeal.

I remember once when she was about 13 or so, she told me she was the perfect child. She was right of course. She excelled at everything and never got in trouble. So anyway, I googled her to see what she's up to these days. Good Lord, she's all grown up. She's modeling for one thing.

And she's an actress now. Can't imbed this one, but here's the link to her agent's reel.

And she co-starred in a hit movie, Love and Other Drugs. Damn, they grow so fast. Now she's the perfect woman.


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