Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday

Yesterday was Black Friday and my Big Box did very well. Place was jamming all day long, with every cash register ringing like the Bells of St. Mary. It was so busy they asked me, along with most of the early shift, to stay for eight hours.

It wasn't as awful as I thought it would be. In fact, on some level it was sort of nice, in the way that people bond during a disaster. Customers were mostly patient and good natured about the lines. They had managers standing at the front the whole time so you could resolve customer complaints without chasing anyone down. And I rang up so many sales that I had to break two rolls of quarters and three rolls of pennies, which never happens. And especially remarkable since the bulk of my sales were on credit and debit cards.

Worked five hours on Thanksgiving too. It was almost as busy since they were running a one day sale. And I've got another six hour shift today. Hoping my back holds out. It's a little twingy this morning and I don't have a day off until Wednesday.

Anyway, I've never worked retail before and Lord knows I've never shopped in the stores on Black Friday, so I'm glad in a way to have had the experience but it's not one I want to repeat. If you're the praying sort, pray that I get a decent job soon and don't have to go through that again. And if you don't pray, send a good thought into the universe for more meaningful -- and better paying -- employment for me in the near future. Thanks.


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