Saturday, September 04, 2010

Things I learned at the big box store

Survived a closing shift last night. Think I actually impressed the big manager with my after hours, mad shirt folding skillz. He smiled at me and acknowledged my existence for the first time since I've been there.

Two things I learned. Half the customers that come through the line between 9:30 and close at 10:00 on a Friday night are extraordinarily weird, cranky, disoriented, or all three.

Also crazy patterned knee socks and peace symbol themed stuff are making a comeback among the young people.

And big excitement of the week. We got a call from security that someone had to stop a guy that leaving the store and check his mysterious bag. It was me and a bunch of young kid cashiers. They were all looking like deer caught in the headlights, so I leapt into action. Turned out the guy wasn't stealing anything and he was acting a little strange for a good reason. But it's against the rules for me to tell you what it was.


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