Saturday, September 18, 2010

Small stuff

Had the early shift yesterday and was out around noon, so I treated myself to take out Chinese for dinner from the buffet restaurant next door. Discovered it's the exact same food at lunchtime as it is at dinnertime, only fresher because the place is really busy and it's a dollar a pound cheaper. Scored a great dinner for two bucks and what the hey, I always have to reheat it anyway because I never eat it as soon as I get home. The only difference is you don't get a fortune cookie with the takeout.

Meanwhile, I got the scoop on what happened for Team Spirit Day on the big box outing. They piled on a bus and drove about 40 minutes to another big box store and ate at the in store restaurant. Then they didn't go to a movie, they drove another 20 minutes or so to a convention center where all the local stores employees gathered to have shouting contests and try to grab tshirts that were thrown into the audience. Definitely got the better end of that deal by working instead.


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