Monday, September 20, 2010


I'm so tired and I'm still facing three more days of shifts before I get a day off. Which will it make seven days in a row without a break. Even better I have a closing shift tonight, which means I won't get home until around 11:00pm and then have to be there at 8:00am for an opening shift tomorrow. And then another closing shift the next day.

They tell me the schedule is computer generated. Clearly it doesn't take exhaustion into account.

Meanwhile, it's been crazy busy because of the clearance sales. Final summer clearance is $2.99 for most items and people buying it by the cartload. And yesterday was super crazy because the regular sales items changed and the computer inevitably doesn't ring up the most popular items correctly. Lot of angry customers over the soda glitch.

And people have just been nutty anyway. Decide to question the pricing just before they finish their credit card transaction and then get pissed off and walk out on $100+ tabs that have to be voided. Which holds up the line. Which pisses off the people waiting in line. Well, enough whining, you get the picture. Some shifts go smooth, some are nightmares. Too many of the latter this week.

On the bright side, my nicest customers are actually the Hispanic people, most of whom like that I'm trying to learn Spanish. My fluency is improving again. Sadly there haven't been any new jobs in the papers where I could parlay that into a better gig. But trusting the universe to provide when the time is right. Hope it's soon.


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