Thursday, September 09, 2010

Big Box Life

I totally crashed today. First day off after four days on and I'm going on a three day schedule starting with an opening shift tomorrow. I have to get up six to get there on time. Going to be ugly.

Last two shifts were a nightmare. Had a closing shift and then an early shift the next day. Second one was four and half hours with no break. Not sure that's even legal but you don't get a break unless you get a five hour stint. Sometimes they schedule you for 4 hrs, 45 minutes, which is the same as a five hour shift except they don't have to pay you for the break that way. And you don't get one.

But that's not why the shifts were so bad. I had some many nutty customers. I mean people realizing they forgot their money and walking out. People trying to hustle me. Weird POS software glitches. And the district manager made a visit on the second day. That puts everyone in a fret.

I might have pissed him off. At 3:30 he showed up with a complicated pricing thing he wanted the cashiers to do in between customers. I'm telling him I might not be the one to explain this too since I'm leaving at 4:00 and won't have time to do it. He's like, oh that okay, you can show the others. I'm thinking, buddy, I'm on register one. We're not going to finish this convo. Sure enough, I had to cut him off in mid-sentence because another line formed at my register. People buying the clearance stuff at five bucks a pop by the carriage load. Excuse me, the buggy load. Never saw him again.

On the bright side, I'm getting lots of practice in speaking Spanish. If I can get my fluency up enough to put on my resume, it will help in getting a better job.


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