Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tough week

I've been dying here folks. Schedule has been brutal at work. For some reason they decided to start giving me more hours just when I got sick. I just haven't had the energy to blog here. I've been coming home and collapsing. Sleeping as much as I can, in between hacking up gunk.

Off to work again this morning, but I'll try to post a bit more either today or tomorrow. For the meantime, the one thing I can't get used to down here is that people call the shopping carts, buggies. And they call the wheelchair thingy we have there a cart.

Also, we have the most pathetic equipment in the history of retail. Half the registers are broken at any given time. Computer guy in all day fixing them earlier in the week. Think he fixed one and now three others that were working, aren't. There's only one that works consistently. I hardly ever get that one though. Also weird how people will stand in line at one register when three others are open. Guess maybe I do that too sometimes.

Anyway, alive - if barely, and if I could just shake this sinus thing, life would be okay. Send some healing thoughts would you? I can't really afford to go to the doctor and I don't want to have to take antibiotics if I don't have to. Rather build a natural immunity or I'll be on the cursed things all the time with all the germs I'm exposed to every day. Besides, pretty sure the meds are expensive too. These things don't fit in my budget.

Anyway, love you all for sticking with me. I do have one cheery story to tell you later.


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