Monday, August 30, 2010

Major scare

Yikes. Home from work after less than an hour. It was so weird. I actually felt pretty good when I got there. Even better they didn't have a register for me yet so I got sent on returns for the first time. That's a great gig I've been wanting to do for a while. Because it's more fun than just standing at the cash register and to help me learn where everything is in the store.

I was merrily making the rounds, cruising through the toy department when I got hit by the biggest heart flutter I've have in at least five years. I mean it was massive. I thought I was going to pass out. Then my heart starting racing and it was pounding so hard I thought it was going to bust right out of my chest. And there was all kinds of arythmia.

I managed to calm down and hang onto the carriage, excuse me the buggy, and finish the returns. Found a home for everything, much to my delight. But the pounding arythmia didn't stop. I splashed some cold water on my face and took an aspirin. I was pale and dizzy.

Went and sat down for a few minutes and it just didn't get better. I finally told them I had to go home. I was freaking all the way, wondering if my heart was going to explode while I driving and I would kill someone. But made it home. Barely made up the stairs. Almost blacked out three times before I managed to take a BP pill and a tranq and lie down.

The dizziness subsided when I laid down but the pounding lasted at least an hour. Of course I took my pulse and my heartrate was an erratic 130. Terrifying. I was so scared I called my sister to ask her to call me in couple more hours to make sure I didn't die and no one would know.

No idea why this happened. I get this once in a while, but usually it's pretty mild and passes quickly. This was so huge. Maybe it was related to the sinus thing, though I haven't really taken anything but aspirin and saline sprays for it. But I'm better now, so maybe it will be another five years before it happens again. In any event, probably go to bed early even though I slept for ten hours last night.


At 8:19 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have DM. Also had high BP and a hemorrhagic stroke as a result. Have a BP monitor and made the case with the Doc. that BP was getting driven too low. Cut dose 4X to minimums and BP rose. Typical example: 96/55 Pulse 57. Then your brain sez give me more blood, it's too low and you'll see a 'spike' and you'll get transient dizzy spells/disorientation and feel crappy. I lost ~80 lbs and think that contributed to excessively low BP. Meanwhile I'm hearing from doc that BP is "very good". It seems that raising the diastolic toward uppers 60's to very low 70's helps the most.

Dr. JimBob ;-)

At 8:47 AM , Blogger Libby Spencer said...

My BP is consistently high but I was getting regular dizzy spells after taking my meds so I cut them back a bit. I'm pretty convinced that this episode has something to do with using the saline in my nose. I stopped using it after that, even though it was helping with the phlegm, and the arythmias stopped.


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