Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fever dreams

This was so meta. I've such a brutal schedule this week and I've been feeling so crummy. Had the early shift today and actually felt sort of okay until I got home. Found myself dozing off in front of the computer and my temperature was up to 100.3 again, so I decided to take an aspirin and a little nap. Set the alarm for 6:00.

I ended up dreaming that I was napping and when the alarm sounded, I couldn't turn it off. I was literally breaking the alarm apart with my bare hands trying to cut the power.

While I was busy busting it up, my old co-worker showed up. She didn't care about the alarm, but she wanted to warn me that Liz, whoever that might be, didn't have my best interests at heart and I should talk to her about it. I had all these pieces of the alarm clock in my hand and I was trying to get downstairs to smash it on the sidewalk, to make it stop. There was a woman with a golden retreiver on the stairs. I couldn't get down. She had her back to me and didn't talk, just stood there.

Then the neighbor's door opened and it was my old neighbor Jamie from Northampton. There were a bunch of people leaving his apartment. He started helping me collect all the pieces of the alarm clock but didn't seem to care it was still going off. He told me I should listen to Liz's radio show. They were going to do it live from her apartment. He said, "You know, stuff like, Jamie's here and holding the chihuahua." I told him I would. The alarm is still going off the whole time. Nobody but me thinks this is a problem.

Then the woman on stairs finally left but I woke up for real. It was 6:06. In real life, I could turn it off of course. But my real neighbors must love me if they could hear it.


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