Sunday, November 01, 2009

An unexpected email

This is why I love the internets so much. Someone I've never met in 3D life, Graeme, found my old post on the Berkshire Snow Basin and emailed me to send these photos of the artifacts he managed to unearth at the site on a recent visit. Seeing this trail marker literally brought a tear to my eye.

And chances are very great that my butt once graced this very t-bar that he found in one of the abandoned shacks. Lord knows I spent enough time there that I probably rode every single one of them at least once.

It's very sad that this little ski hill didn't survive the industry upheaval of the 90s, or was it the 80s when all the little places folded? It may have been just a little hill but it had a great big heart. But I guess it will live forever in the hearts and memories of those of us regulars who made it our own special place. So there's that.


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