Monday, November 09, 2009

Sunny Sunday

It was gorgeous here yesterday so I took a long afternoon walk through the cemetary. Most of the color is gone. The trees turned early in here for some reason and there's lot of bare branches now. But of course the evergreens never lose their charm. This alley is one of my favorite places there.

There are still a few fully clothed trees though. I couldn't get the angle I wanted on this one. It was just gorgeous in the afternoon light. But the pix gives you a sense of how it was glowing.

And even though the time/temp clock said it was 86 degrees in the sun, it felt and smelled very much like a fall day in New England. But this is the south, so the roses are hanging on too.

Won't get too many days like this, not even here. I'm a bit tired today from it today though. Haven't been out enough. Not easy to adjust from zero to a 90 minute walk.


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