Saturday, November 21, 2009

One more week

Pinned down a mover for the furniture. I contacted the guy I gave the glass patio table to last summer on Freecycle. He seemed so nice and responsible, I saved his email addy with that in mind. He really is so nice, he offered to do it for just gas money because I gave him the table. I will of course, pay him, but that's the way this move has been going. Seems like the universe is trying to make this move easy for me.

Meanwhile, I realize how little stuff I have. Took over another small load, and I'm talking about making three trips up the stairs with very light loose items and this place is almost empty of everything but the furniture. Figuring maybe three more small loads that don't even fill the backseat of my car and I'll be done with everything I can do myself. Plus, as an added bonus, I unearthed my old cassette tapes and now have something to listen to in my car since the one radio station I like down here has gone to all Christmas music already. It was really fun to listen to an old Herschler Brothers tape. Only down side is it's such a short ride, I only get to listen to one or two songs at a time.


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