Sunday, October 18, 2009

Something happening here

Not sure what, but something must be going on in town this weekend. I can't believe it's leaf peepers. The colors haven't really turned all that much here yet. Not to mention it unreasonably cold here this week. Should be at least ten degrees warmer. But the grocery store was jammed with tourists last night buying fruit and sandwich stuff and the big motel across the street with the big highway sign that advertises its cheap rooms, suddenly raised its rates by $22 a night. It's been $38.00 for months, but this weekend it's $60. It's not a bad motel, but it's not worth sixty bucks a night, unless you have no choice.

And the price of gas went up again too. Not that it matters so much to me. I won't have to fill up for a while yet. Maybe it will go down again in the interim. Ha!


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