Thursday, October 15, 2009

On the bright side

To lighten things up a little after that last anguished post, some things are going well. I found my extra house key for this place that I thought I had lost. Turned out it was under the recycle bin. Funny thing is, I had looked there when I was searching but apparently it had become stuck to the bottom of the bin after the big rain storm and then fell off when I moved the bin out to the street. Found it on the porch. Now safely on a key ring and in a better hiding place. Also, the trash guys took my trash on Tuesday after all, even though I was out a day early. They must have crossed the street to do it. I thought that was nice of them. One of the pluses of living in a small town I guess. And maybe they appreciate that I keep my recycling organized so it's easy to separate into their various bins on the truck.

Also invested in a new pair of flannel lined felt slippers on Monday, along with an electric space heater. The slippers are great. They're men's slippers because the women's slippers are all froufrou slides or giant fuzzballs. They fit perfectly, have rubber soles and my feet are warm if nothing else. The heater works great too to keep the computer room cozy, so I don't have to turn on the heat as much. I can keep the rest of the house at 62 and just cozy up in here. And as long as the night temps don't get freezing, I can use it in the bedroom to keep my nose from freezing. I have enough blankets so I can otherwise keep it cool at night. So there's that.


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