Saturday, October 17, 2009

Life is funny, but it's not a joke

Well new developments on the apartment. The landlord called me up and offered to hold the place for six weeks for me, because he really wants me as a tenant. And he's even willing to take the chance that I find something better and won't be mad if I don't move in after all. A landlord that good is hard to find.

In the interim he's going to upgrade the electrical outlets, which is a problem everywhere in this town. And as it turns out the front porch, which is very nice, is for everyone's use and he tells me the retired couple downstairs sit out there to smoke in the nice weather and are very friendly. Would probably be glad to have the company. It would be nice to have neighbors that actually talk to me. My neighbor here is not friendly at all and I need to get socialized in this town.

I also woke up yesterday and realized that my lease actually runs on Dec 1st, not Jan 1st so I wouldn't be eating an extra month's rent after all and can move sooner. So I guess my new plan is to try to look at a few more places this week but I suspect I'm going to end up taking this place, ugly paneling and all. If I put up all my art and photos and balloon posters and get a huge world map to cover it up, it won't be so bad. And with such a low rent I'll be able to save some money.

Of course, the downside is, I have to move again. I hate moving but I do so need to get out of this place. I really want the next stop to be a home where I can settle in for a long while.


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