Monday, June 15, 2009

My house...

I have ten windows, two doors and two porches. It's a lot like the apartment in Noho, only bigger.

I got my new recycle bin today. Recycling is really complicated here. They only take clear glass, aluminum cans, certain plastics and newspapers at the curb. To recycle colored glass, tin cans or mixed paper you have to go the bins at the police station. That probably explains why I didn't see any bins on the street last week. I'm betting most people just throw everything away.

Making progress with the neighbor. Or at least with the dog. Neighbor doesn't say much but the dog gave me a good long sniff tonight and sniffed my door too. He even wagged his tail when I talked to him. I figure pretty soon he'll be snarling to protect me, instead of at me.


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