Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Mercado

I went to the Mexican grocery store yesterday and remembered my camera this time. I only took a couple of shots because the displays hadn't changed much except they were looking a little tired. And I really had to pee so I wasn't up for a long tour through the store. But here's the white coconuts.

They weren't quite as white these week. Last week they were all really white like the one in the foreground and hairier. And I was surprised to find out when I picked up a couple to arrange them better that they're soft. They're somewhat unpleasant as they age. I raised a small cloud of fruit flies when I moved them. Which may explain the spots... Don't think I'll be buying any of those.

Meanwhile, these things held up much better but I've already forgotten the name of them. They're the spiny version of another fruit that looks kind of like a pale green shrunken pepper. I didn't touch these. Those spines look like they might stick in your fingers.

Don't plan on ever buying those either. I did come home with a fine bunch of fresh cilantro though for only 33 cents. That at least, I know what to do with. And I'll try to get some better shots next time they restock. And I haven't even touched the dry goods. Some really interesting products on the shelves...


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