Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Looking around

My marigolds. They got a little beat up during the transplant but they've perked up since. This will likely be the sum total of my garden so I'll try to take a picture every week to track progress.

Took my first walk last evening. I brought the camera but had to dump all the shots. It was a little too late and the light wasn't strong enough for my cheap camera. As it turns out distances are a lot shorter on foot than they look on the map. It's only a ten minute walk to the convenience store and Walgreens. And I took a peek into the Food Lion that's next door. It looks a little smaller so assuming they carry the few items I buy regularly, I think I'll make that one my primary store. I hate grocery shopping so the smaller the store, the better for me.

I also discovered that the big park near me is actually a giant cemetary with the tennis courts tucked into the far corner. The courts are nice. Lots of them and they stay open until 11:00pm. Of course I don't have a tennis partner but I do have a racquet and they have a good practice wall.

Meanwhile, the cemetary is very cool. Not a lot of old headstones but it's honeycombed with winding roads and really interesting trees. Plus they allow decorations and some of the plots are, shall we say, very colorful. Reminds me a bit of a cemetary I saw in Belize. Can't wait to explore it more. I'll definitely be posting some pix from that place.


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