Thursday, June 18, 2009

Getting there

Sorry, I fell down again on posting. The cleaning has been wearing me out and I lost a day for posting while the plumber was here. He took over the computer room to fix the shower. The worst part is, he did a lousy job. The fixtures are wiggly and he has to come back "some day" and fix it. So I can't put anything in the closet until he's done because that's where the access panel is. Still, I'm seeing the end of the cleaning thing. Soon I'll be able to enjoy this place.

I'm unpacking things I haven't seen in five years. Mainly photos and sentimental trinkets. Odd really to do it now since I only expect to be in this place for six months but they need airing out and reorganizing anyway. Need to be repacked in new boxes. The old ones are quite musty at this point.

Speaking of musty, the problem here seems to be dissipating with the massive cleaning. Of course I haven't left the house much so the doors have been open for days. Even though it's been damp as hell, the wind often kicks up and whistles through the house. I think it helps.

It's much cooler here than it was back in the Triangle. I have no idea if my AC works because I haven't had to turn it on yet. It's cool enough in the morning to wear a sweater and I've been sleeping in my fleece pj bottoms. The humidity is worse in a way when it does get warmer, but not nearly as bad as New England in August and the air quality here is so much better, probably because we don't get the pollution from any big city. On the plus side, my hair is getting curlier every day. I spent most of my teen years wising for straight hair. But when I got it, I found I missed those curls.

Anyway, the sun is out today. Hope it gets hot enough to dry out my house plants so I can bring them inside. I had to repot my palm tree the other night after it fell off the bench and shattered its pot. It needed to be done badly. It was all roots and no soil. I sliced the root ball mercilessly, and cleaned off all the dead leaves. It seems quite content. But I watered it down heavily and it's still leaking water from the bottom. Needs to be much dryer before I bring it in.

I also planted a pot of marigolds to keep on the porch. I haven't planted anything since the first year I arrived in NC. It remains to be seen if the baby bunny I saw in the backyard this morning will eat them. But it would be worth it if I can get a picture of him. Hope to get some better photos up soon.


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