Thursday, June 25, 2009

Everything changes

The lawn guy is really sweet. He brought my trash can back from the street last time he was here. He's friendly and he's very good looking.

He only shows up twice a month. The grass gets pretty long in between, but once he gets here, he does a really good job. He was here for three hours last time and it's not that big a yard. But's he very meticulous. He even sweeps the grass clippings off the porch. However, I'm not that happy with his thoroughness this time. You'll recall how much I love my beech tree. Last week it looked like this.

Not sure why he was so inspired, but this time he decided to do some pruning. Now it looks like this.

It's like giving Samson a haircut. The tree's spirit feels diminished somehow. And it's changed the whole view. Now I can see the neighbor's yard. Not that anyone is ever out there, but it feels less private back here now. But what's done is done. I guess we'll both get used to it.


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