Friday, June 26, 2009


I don't know where where my neighbor's dog was pooping before this, but I suspect it was under the tree since I had never seen any crap on the lawn until two days ago. After the tree was pruned, for two days running my neighbor let his dog take a dump about 8 feet in front of my side of the porch. Directly in the sight/smell line. He didn't pick it up.

Needless to say, this pissed me off. I wasn't sure what to do. I'm an easygoing person and I'm not one for confrontations. But neither am I willing to deal with dog sh*t. If I'm going to have to pick it up, I want my own dog to go with it.

I wasn't about to knock on his door and holler, but he was clearly avoiding running into me on the back porch. I mulled it over and finally waited until he went out. Then I moved the crap over to his side of the yard. I piled it up neatly near his motorcycle. But I was nice about it. I didn't leave it in a place where he would step in it or anything. I suspect it pissed him off anyway. I heard some gratuitous slamming of doors, but what's he going he say? Why did you put my dog's poop on my side of the yard?

Anyway, I think he got the message. Now 24 hours without a fresh pile and I'm pretty sure he walked the dog on the other side of the house or something last night because the porch light was on and I heard the dog bark, but he wasn't on his chain, as he has been every other time. So in a way I did the dog a favor too. I've never seen him actually walk that poor pup since I've been here.

Gah. I hate dealing with difficult neighbors. But it's pleasant to sit on the porch again. So there's that...


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