Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Back on line

My installation kit finally arrived and I'm back on line. It feels great to be connected again. It was only a week but it felt like years. I'm still far from being moved in, but as I get the rooms cleaned up, I'm liking the space more and more. It's a quirky old apartment but it has its charms. And the back porch and back yard really are fabulous. It turns out the moon really does rise right in the middle of my open patch of sky and even though there's a lot of ambient light so I don't see much in the way of stars, I did see one really bright one in the same place after the moon went down.

And the bird population keeps growing. I'm going to have to get out my Peterson's field guide, there are so many I don't recognize but it feels kind of like Noah's ark out there. I swear I have two of everything. I saw a pair of cardinals for the first time yesterday. And I have a flock of swallows. They're such show offs. Two of them practically buzzed me this morning.

I'll have some pix in the next couple of days, I hope, as I have more time.


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