Monday, May 04, 2009

Home again

Well I'm back. It was a very busy weekend. Didn't have time to even turn on the computer. Brought the camera and never took it out of my bag so no photos either. It was another great visit anyway. We had a family barbecue yesterday. That was great. I've been craving meat off the grill and finally got some. And there's a great pizza place in Dad's town so I finally had some decent pizza. I'm going to like living in that town.

I'm getting used to the driving too. Had a Mazda this time. Not as sweet a ride as the Malibu but still a good little car and the Gods were smiling on me. I was doing 75-80 most of the way home and for no apparent reason I dropped into the center lane and started doing 72 only a couple of minutes before a state cop cruised by in the left lane. Dodged the speeding ticket bullet again.


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