Thursday, May 21, 2009

Almost homeless

I have to be out of this place in ten days and I still don't have a new place to live. Needless to say, it's making me a bit nervous, so I got lost in google street view maps yesterday, touring my new town. The time spent should pay off when I'm searching for housing. I was able to eliminate some neighborhoods in the real estate listings I already have. It's a fun tool.

Sadly, it's not available for some of the small towns I lived in. I really wanted to see my old house in Norfolk. But I did find a view of another one of my old apartments in lovely downtown Northampton. I had the second and third floor of 74 Hancock St. They fixed it up a lot since I lived there. But it was still a gorgeous old place. I found it while I was driving around town, specifically wishing for a place to live with a porch and a tower within walking distance to work. It was like I willed it into being.

The little old lady who lived there didn't advertise it. There was just a little sign in the window. And my time there wasn't all that happy. I had a horrible roommate. But it was a great apartment. I'm hoping I can pull off the same trick off again in my new town. This time I won't have a roommate to spoil it.


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