Sunday, April 19, 2009

No blogging today

I'm having a great visit with Dad. Finally satisfied my craving for decent Chinese food. They have a great buffet in town so I was able to get a lot of dishes I've been missing all at one time.

Dad's town is just gorgeous right now. They're about two weeks behind where I live so I get to enjoy the daffodils and tulips all over again. The dogwood out front here is in perfect peak bloom. No photos until I get back though. I managed to bring the camera but forgot the laptop so I have no way to upload.

They seem to have lots more birds here as well. The riotous clamor of bird song outside my window was really cheering this morning. I'm told in the summer there are two owls nesting in the big tree across the street.

This town has a lot going for it. Lovely downtown, somehow reminscent of Noho in the old days. Lots of lovely neighborhoods. I'm thinking I could do worse than move here, even though there's a lot of fundies. I've realized at this point, there's no where in the south to escape them.


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