Thursday, April 16, 2009

Glad I made it

Had a bad day. I don't even talk about it, so I'm going to post this video instead. I couldn't embed the player but here's a link to a short movie about Roger Sallom that was taped mostly in lovely downtown Northampton. I knew Roger pretty well because my friend sang backup with his band for a while. I always thought Roger was under-rated but I'm posting the vid because my dear friend Hal Benoit is in it. He's the guitarist on the right when the movie starts. Regular readers will remember he died about a year or so ago. I was glad to see him on tape, but it kind of broke my heart a little too. Life's like that I guess.

Anyway, I also know almost every single person in this short little movie. I'm going to put it on the sidebar so I can watch it when I get homesick for Noho.


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