Monday, April 20, 2009


I forgot to take a picture of the rental car I ended up with, but it looked like this and it was a sweet ride. Made it door to door this morning in two hours and ten minutes, and that was with some slowdowns for rain and traffic.

I don't have a lot of photos, but they all came out worth posting, so I'm going to start with Dad's dogwood. It's a gorgeous tree and when you stand on his porch, it's right in your face, as Dad said, like a white cloud.

It's an old one and the smell reminds me of one of my earliest childhood memories, before my sister and brother were born.

We were driving down a country road and my Dad saw a wild dogwood, very much like this in the woods. He stopped the car and filled the backseat with branches. It was so beautiful. It felt to me, sitting there with them, like being in a fairy tale. It smelled just like that all the way home.


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