Thursday, April 30, 2009

Catching up

I don't know where the last week went but here I am. Still alive and trying to organize this move. It's always so complicated. I am looking forward to being closer to the family though. It will be really good to be able to see my Dad more often and to be able to call him without running up a huge phone bill. And my sister will only be a half hour away. We'll be able to have lunch or something once in a while.

Big excitement of the week was seeing two crows attack a turkey vulture in the air the other morning. I wish they had been a little bit closer so I could have caught it on video. It was pretty amazing. The crows tagged teamed, taking turns divebombing the vulture. They were making an ungodly racket. At one point a second vulture was sort of circling nearby but didn't step in to help at all. The crows won. Last I saw they were chasing the vulture south.

Meanwhile, swine flu is on everybody's mind and it didn't take long for the internet scammers to exploit the buzz. I hear there are all sorts of email scams running around. Of course, you should never click on any attachment that comes from somewhere you don't know, but you should be especially careful right now as there are apparently a lot of different ones out there. If you click on them all kinds of bad stuff will happen to your computer.


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