Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cat blogging

My Dad and mom Helen have rescued dozens of cats over the years. They've caught abandoned strays, had them neutered at their own expense and found homes for them. Once in a while they keep one. They now have three. Pickles is very shy. I couldn't get a picture of her without freaking her out, so I didn't even try. But the other two warmed up to me rather quickly so I was able to get some pix.

Phoebe is mostly an indoor cat but she likes to go out in the afternoon to catch a little fresh air. She's the only one that likes to be scritched.

Jack prefers the outdoors. He only comes in for food and to sleep. You can see by the nick in his ear, he was a real scrapper when he was out on his own.

They're good old kitties.


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