Sunday, March 29, 2009

Six years

Six years ago today, I put up my very first blog post on this, my very first blog. This is still the original template. I didn't have a clue what I was doing, just knew that I wanted to write and reach out to a wider audience on-line.

Blogger was more primitive back then. It didn't have all the auto coding buttons. I didn't even know how to bold much less hotlink. Don't remember how I learned to make live links so quickly, but in looking at the archives it took me three months to learn how to bold and I didn't understand anything about html until almost August, when I finally learned to insert graphics.

The blog has changed a lot over the years. At it's height as a drug policy reform blog, I was getting about 800 hits a day. As I recall, my most successful post was about a woman prison guard who lost her job over a semi-nude picture on-line of her tattoos. At the height of interest I was getting about 4,000 hits a day. Funny, I don't even remember her name now. Marcy something, I think.

In any event, this little blog has settled down into a semi-regular diary for the benefit of my family and friends who still care what I'm doing. Traffic is significantly less than 800 hits a day, but as long as these old fingers can type, I'll keep this place just the way it is. I'm sentimental that way and I love every single one of you remaining readers too much to break the chain of communication now. Thanks for sticking with me all these years. [graphic]


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