Friday, March 20, 2009

Blue Water and bluets

I was at a loss for today's entry into m. heart's Winter Blues Week but I remembered I had a shot of one of my favorite flowers. These little guys have a lot of common names. Some call them Shaking Quakers or Quaker Ladies, but I've always called them bluets. They do quake at the slightest breeze, hence the lack of sharpness to the shot. The photo doesn't really show how blue this patch was either. Usually they're whiter with just a blue tinge on the edges. My lawn at the old place was covered so thickly with these that it sometimes looked like snow. I could never bring myself to get the lawn mowed before they passed.

I also remembered this silly little paint program, so I decided to do a quick primitive painting. I'm not much of an artist and I find it very difficult to paint using the mouse, but I didn't hate how this turned out. It not at all what I orginially intended and it looks darker than it did when I was painting it, but it kind of looked like a sea ceature underwater to me, so here it is:

If you want to see how I did it, there's animation of the painting process here. You can also paint your own.


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