Monday, March 23, 2009

Afternoon walk

Took another stroll to try to get a shot of those chickens but no luck. I can't even see a chicken house so I'm thinking now that they had wandered down from the up the hill somewhere the day I saw them. In any event, it was a lovely day for a walk. The flowering trees and shrubs are blooming all over. My cheezy camera doesn't really capture it well, but here's what I'm seeing.

I don't know what these trees are. They're not Bradford pears. Wrong shape. I suspect they're some kind of apple because they smell so good.

I call these wild pinks. No idea what they are either. You don't see them much in people's yards but the woods are full of them.

And I wish I could have taken a better shot of these little guys. They're some kind of wild johnny jump-up pansy. I used to have a lot of them at my old house. They're really tiny and at first you think they're violets because they look more purple from afar. But they're the sweetest little things. If I had my own place, I'd transplant a whole bed of them just to have them nearby.

Hope you're all seeing warmer weather and flowers too.


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