Monday, February 02, 2009

View from the stoop

Thanks to Irma for sending me photos of the old stoop we used to hang out on. This was a familiar view in any given winter.

I trudged down this path in the back, many a time. Often with much more snow on either side.

And here's some other nice shots from my old stomping grounds in lovely downtown Northampton. And another one from Ina.

I've also been searching, literally for years, for a photo of my old digs downtown. I just discovered you can see it on google maps. Go here and enter 212 Pleasant Street, northampton, ma, usa. Click on street view and use the arrows to look right. There's the old rowhouse right in front of you. I lived in the middle for a long time but by the time I left I was in the very last apartment on the far end from the main street.

Nice to be able to see the old place when I get homesick, although I'll admit the snow shots help me get over it too. I left partly because the cold was killing me. My knees don't ache down here.

In fact, for all the loneliness and the anxiety about what's going to happen to me here without a social network, one bright spot is still the weather. I saw a whole bank of daffodils sprouting a couple of days ago. No flowers yet but there will be soon. I saw some buds. And the tree outside my deck is setting buds too. It should be a cloud of pink soon enough. So there's that.


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