Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Quiet in the McCompound

A think a lot of people moved out of my building in the last six weeks. Sometimes I see them move, sometimes I don't, but you can tell by the empty parking spaces. A lot of familiar cars are gone.

I wasn't sorry to see the young couple with the little baby go. I saw them moving so I'm sure about them. They were nice enough and the baby was sweet, but they always took up at least three spaces. It was a real drag to come home with groceries and have to park halfway down the row.

Speaking of babies, I haven't seen the Asian's couple's tot for a really long time. They're still around but they seem to be moving out in really tiny increments. I see them putting odd stuff in their trunk every day. They don't seem to be doing anything major but they sometimes disappear for a couple of days as well. I'm figuring the baby is with family in town and they're getting ready for the movers to come get the big stuff.

I'd ask them but they don't speak English well enough to communicate that complicated a question. Not that it's any of my business. I suppose I should stop being such a nosy neighbor anyway. Hell, if I keep this up, how long before I'll be hollering at the kids to get off my lawn...


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