Saturday, January 17, 2009

Soup is good food

Man is it cold here in the alleged south. I'm not complaining because I know my friends up north are a lot colder than 30 degrees, feels like 22, but you lose your tolerance after a while so I'm freezing right along with you my dears. I have on long johns, a shirt and pants, a sweater, and my bathrobe. When I get really chilled, I wrap a Mexican blanket around me too. Making the soup helps though.

I'm making pea soup. It's a bit of a challenge since I haven't cooked anything from scratch since I made that chili for John two years ago. I haven't made pea soup in years so one bag of peas didn't look like enough at first. A half hour later I realized that two bags of peas were too many and my soup pot isn't big enough for it. I ended up taking half of them out and now I'll have to do two batches I guess. Which is fine, it smells good and it warms up the house some.

Of course, as a result I made three times the mess. The kitchen was full of dirty pots, bowls and various utenstils. That wouldn't be a big problem except I don't have water at the kitchen sink. I woke up yesterday and the hot water wasn't working. My first thought, being a New Englander at heart, was the water had frozen. Of course it wasn't that. It was cold, but not THAT cold. Apparently there's something in the pipes, most probably a plug from the water heater that's blocking the flow.

The maintainence guy didn't want to start the job on a Friday afternoon since it may require ripping walls apart. Something to look forward to for Monday. Fortunately, the water in the bathroom works fine, so I was able to clean up. I like a clean kitchen with soup simmering on the stove. It feels like an accomplishment.


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