Saturday, January 17, 2009

A little help from a friend

My dentist appointment was cancelled again last week so I've been moping around here for days on end. I've been so profoundly depressed I've been getting a little agorophobic. I have days when I get anxious when I have to leave the house. I feel like there's a big sign on me that says unemployable loser.

But then a little light shone on my darkness. Karen, the woman who was dating my now deceased friend John, kindly called me and dragged me out to lunch a couple of days ago. It was good to get out of the house and pal around with a real life person. It made me feel more human again. I think she's on a mission to save me from my morose self. She's called me since then and I boldly invited her over to have lunch here, since I can't afford to take her out. I'm making pea soup with ham.

Kind of feels like having a friend again. I don't feel quite so alone. It cheers me up.


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