Saturday, January 31, 2009

Life's little mysteries

Regular readers will remember the mat that mysteriously appeared in front of my door about a year or so ago. I never never did find out where it came from but I got used to after a while. Even started to like the cheezy thing.

Well, it's disappeared. Without a trace. It was light and tended to blow over on a windy day because our hallways are open. But it hung on for all this time and now it's gone. It happened right after a really windy day but I looked around to see if it had blown down the stairs or something, and it was no where. Gone. Like a magician's rabbit into the hat.

I kind of miss it. But in a way I'm glad it disappeared as mysteriously as it arrived. My life has become so mundane that even this tiny bit of magic makes it feel a little more interesting.


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