Friday, December 19, 2008

Ow, ow, ow....

I managed to fall down last night and twisted my foot. These stupid old slide on slippers stretched and I caught the front of one on the rug and went down like a ton of bricks with my foot headed the wrong way. I don't think it's broken. More likely I pulled some tendons or strained some ligaments. Not much swelling. The pain is centered at top of the foot where it bends, just in front of the ankle. The ankle seems fine.

It didn't seem so bad at first. An hour later I couldn't walk on it. Oddly, I've been experimenting and if I can stand the pain, since I've woke up walking seems to help some if I don't put too much weight on the front and keep the weight on the heel. It's more bearable than it was I woke up anyway. I thought for a minute I'd have to crawl to the bathroom to pee.

I had to drop my health insurance months ago so I can't go get it checked out since I'm already almost $8000 in debt for medical bills. I really need to keep what's left of my credit limit in case the car breaks down. I can't believe it's all that serious anyway. I think it would hurt more if I broke something and the internet doctor sites say the treatment is rest and ice in any event so I'm going to try that for a day or two and see if it helps.

I wish I had some crutches. Ironically, most of my life I've always had a set of crutches around since I've broken toes occassionally and then they just take up room for years on end. Now that I really could use a pair, I don't have any.

Oy. What a life. I can't wait for my luck to turn.


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