Friday, December 19, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Limping along here today but the ice is working. I managed to decorate the deck with the cheezy dollar store stuff I saved from last year. I'm still looking for my string of Christmas lights. I want to do the ledge on the kitchen divider again this year. Anyway, I'm also still working on the mood music.

I probably didn't see this one live since it's from 1958 and I'm not quite that old that I would remember, but certainly Perry Como was a big part of the holiday teevee experience of my youth. I really liked him.

Meanwhile, I'm not going to get a tree but Mike and Irma are doing it up in style again this year. When I lived in lovely downtown Noho, they would always invite me over to help decorate. I really miss that tradition, but they send me photos. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a way to save it to my Kodak program so I couldn't rotate the shot. But here it is. Just turn your heads sideways...

You did a great job kids. It's the best one yet.


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