Saturday, April 05, 2008

Spring fever

I haven't blogged here because I have a miserable cold that makes me want to sleep all the time and I haven't done anything but drag myself through the workday and crawl into bed. On the bright side, spring has sprung here and the ride to work has been gorgeous.

There's two shades of purple flowering trees, I think they're cherries. And there's still some remnants of the pink trees. Meanwhile the late white flowering trees also busted out along with the purple wisteria. The colors are cheering even if my stuffy head isn't.

So all I have to amuse you after this absence is the booze test. Of course thanks to my bartending days, I did well but I didn't get 100%. I had to ask for a second hint a couple of times. Meanwhile, a shot of whiskey and another early night to bed I think will do this cold a world of good.


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