Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I feel like a million bucks...

I got a million dollar bill in the mail today. Really. Along with a 15 page letter from Tiran Zaken of The world famous Zaken Corp. Mr. Zaken wants to pay me to make five thou a month for just making a few calls to find him some overstock inventory to sell. It works too. There's two whole pages of testimonials from real people who are making big bucks.

I thought at first the Nigerian spammers had decided to try snail mail, but the letter didn't contain any glaring typos on a quick scan so I googled them to figure out who this guy was that was looking for a select group of only 100 people who REALLY want to get rich quick. It's a real company and there's even a blog with about four entries over three years among the pages of complaints.

There's a bit of an argument over whether the complaints were generated by a disgruntled employee who went into business for himself, but I thought the best testimonial was from the couple who ended up only losing ten bucks on express mail charges. Shockingly, the $148 'commitment package' with instructions on how to make the money exaggerated the speed of the returns and the ease of finding the surplus inventory by using the super secret list. People were doing better with the phone book.

I think I'll take a pass on this fabulous offer myself but I'm keeping the million dollar bill. I'm going to see if the guys at my convenience store will make change for it when I buy my next lottery ticket.


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