Monday, March 24, 2008

Drug War News

I haven't forgotten the drug war. I have new posts at Newshoggers, including the latest from MA. Barney Frank is going to file a bill tolegalize marijuana at the federal level. That probably won't go anywhere but I see the reformers in the Commonwealth have been busy. Looks like they may win something this year on the state level at least.

If you keep scrolling down at the link, I posted on a great oped by the writers of the show The Wire on jury nullification and the WOsD. Fairly recent is the retroactive application of federal sentencing reform in crack cases and the bone headed banning of tiny plastic bags in Chicago. That will surely stop the white powder drug trade in its tracks.

I mean how are they going to package the stuff without those teeny baggies? It's not like you can fold up coke into a slick piece of paper or anything. Meanwhile, some pack rat who can't throw away anything could get arrested and fined 1500 bucks for possession. Of an empty baggie. Jebus. The prohibs are a lot dumber than the addicts.


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