Friday, September 07, 2007

Random thoughts

I can't get a good shot of the moon here with my cheezy camera. This is the best I've done so far. It looked like the yin-yang symbol. It was much bigger in real life.

If you're missing those carefree days of the 60s, Jules has unearthed a treasure trove of videos from the era. I haven't had time to look at them yet, but it looks like hours of fun for old hippies. Can you believe how young Joni Mitchell looks there?

I had a black monarch butterfly flittering around the shrubbery today. It was huge and so beautiful I wanted to get a shot of it but I wasn't even dressed yet, so I don't have a photo but I watched it for a really long time.

I found out my poli-blogs are indexed on some new aggregator called Wonkosphere. They only have a thousand blogs. I wasn't surprised to see Newshoggers there. My co-bloggers are top of the wonk pundits, but I was surprised to The Impolitic there as well. The Imp has become my own little hideaway, kind of like Harry's bar in the old days before Tim took it over. Anyway, my traffic certainly didn't attract them so I have to think it was my work in some way. That feels a little encouraging.

I have a cyberstalker. He's started an online smear campaign against me because I wouldn't play with him. I think that means I've arrived as a poli-blogger. It feels a little creepy. It reminds me of that ex-college professor Peter, that stalked me, and half the female population, in Noho.

I miss my friends from NoHo.

I really need a beach vacation. I haven't seen the sea in two years. I wonder where Karen and Annie are planning to spend Thanksgiving this year.


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