Thursday, September 06, 2007

Okay so I lied

I said I would make it up to you and instead I neglected you shamelessly. On the off chance that anyone is still reading this blog, forgive me. I'm lost in politics this week. Be glad if you don't follow them. There's some scary stuff that's happening out there. I'm trying to stop some of it.

But on to something cheerier. I have been thinking of you and saving links. this is house I want to live in, but I don't necessarily want to move to Charlevoix, Michigan to do it.

And this is the car I want to drive next. Seriously. Anybody who has got an extra 90 thou lying around should feel free to get me one for Christmas.

Meanwhile, I haven't left the house much in the last few days but I ran down to the store tonight and was listening to Delilah on the radio. She takes requests and the callers tell their little heartwarming stories and she picks a song for them.

Usually it's somebody wanting to tell their mother, brother, lover spouse, how much they love them and Delilah picks out some sappy song like You're My Hero. But tonight she was talking to a young girl who has six brothers. Her parents are missionaries and they went on a mission in Africa and brought back six adopted kids. So now Miss Caller has 4 sisters. I was dying to know to what song Delilah would pick for that story but I missed it because I got into a conversation with the store clerks, who I've now made friends with by the way, about Fred Thompson. He likes Fred because he's a good actor. You can imagine my delight at hearing that.

On the wildlife front, I don't have a good bird story but Mike Bogle has a great one about the chicken and the cockatoo. For myself, I'm just having this weird thing happening with my bird feeder. The food seems to possessed. It grows and shrinks. The other night it looked like it was almost gone but when I woke up it was an inch higher. It's been doing that since but not as dramatically. I wonder if it has something to do with the new food.

I'm so lazy, I just bought the kind you mix with water but this time I had to get the liquid form because they were out of the powder. That's the only thing I changed. The birds seem confused too. The other morning one flew really close to my face and looked at me sideways at couple of times. It felt like he was asking me, what's up with the food?


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