Saturday, September 15, 2007

Flying high

I've been cruising the nets and just thinking a lot today. I've had this song in my head. I've been remembering how idealistic I was in the 60s. I really thought we could change the world. I still do but I'm a whole lot more jaded and not as optimistic as I once was about it.

But I muse too much. It's been a aeronautical kind of day for me. I was looking for news on the television and I clicked into the last round of the air races at the show in Nevada. It was incredible to see these old cats in these little prop planes darting between effin pylons in the desert. The difference between the two scores was less than a second. I ran across an item later that said there had been four fatal crashes at the event. I can see how it would happen.

And speaking of aeronautical heros, Steve Fosset is still missing. It's only been 12 days but he went in down in rough terrain and may never be found. The Amelia Earhart references are already being made, along with the theory that he purposely disappeared.

Meanwhile, I did a post on this over a year ago but I can't find the link. Still personal jetcraft is very cool.

And this is very cool too, but probably a failure in the making. Much as I love the idea, a giant helium balloon in a hurricane prone seaside city is probably not the best idea. I think they way underestimated their down time.


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