Monday, September 24, 2007

Falling water

I don't know where my times goes but I see I haven't blogged here in days again and I have things to talk about. I'm working this morning but I'll be back this afternoon and blog here first.

In the meantime, thanks to Jules for this fabulous animination of Falling Water, a Frank Lloyd Wright house in Pennsylvania. I visited this place in person a few years ago and it's truly amazing. I wish they had done more with the inside and some of the features but the video gives you a feel for the environment.

Other small stuff. I saw an small overhead airplane flying so low over the McCompound a couple of days ago that I thought it was in trouble. I half expected to see a fireball after it went out of sight but I think now it was maybe just a student pilot because the he was having trouble keeping the wings steady.

My hummers are still sort of around but they seem to have pretty much deserted me. I've seen them a few times but they don't stay long like they used to. I even made some new food and upped the sugar content but that doesn't seem to tempting them. Oh well, I suppose it's almost time for them to migrate south anyway.

Well, I'm off to work but I'll be back.


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