Monday, September 24, 2007

Best drug war news ever

One more quick link before I go. This is the really the best news I've seen in years. Richary Paey has been pardoned at last after spending years in jail for receiving pain meds by prescription.

You can get the details at the link but the nutshell version is Paey has a condition that requires copious amounts of pain medication for relief. When he was arrested, he was charged with trafficking solely on the amount of drugs he possessed. He wasn't guilty and he refused to plead but was convicted under a law that deemed a certain of drugs was automatically a dealing violation, even though there was no proof that he ever passed on a single pill.

He been's in jail ever since and ironically the prison was administering greater amounts of drugs than he was convicted of possessing in order to manage his condition. It was just horrible and a real illustration of the stupidity of the WOsD.

We're thrilled to see justice has finally been served in this case and wish Paey well and offer big props to The and the other activists who worked tirelessly to make this outcome possible.


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