Friday, August 31, 2007


Mother of God, I just realized I haven't posted here all week. It's been a tough one. I'm getting used to a new schedule and I've been embroiled in a blog spat with my co-blogger at The Impolitic that appears to have resulted in his quitting the blog. It's probably the right choice but frankly I'm a little put off by how rudely he departed considering I pulled him out of obscurity and practically had to teach him how to blog.

But water under the bridge and I don't hold a grudge. I hope he finds a new home. He's a good blogger, he just seems to have gone off track on his thinking, at least as it fit in to my blog. I think he needs to develop a thicker skin though. If he can't take the mild criticism I offered, he may find out he's not cut out for Blogtopia. But I suspect he was just looking for a reason to quit.

In any event, today's my last day on the rotation and I'm looking a few days off over the holiday so I'll make up my absence to you. Thanks my dears for continuing to check in even when I fail to deliver your daily amusements.


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