Thursday, August 23, 2007

Taking it to the MSM

Well I still have some old links that I want to get to, particularly one that Annie sent me on some disturbing moves by the government out in Oregon, but it's been a busy week and there's been fresh news coming up. In fact I did my drug war posting on the poliblogs yesterday because the stories could be tied to the wider political problems we're having and Reuters picked up my Newshoggers post on Duplicating Drug War Waste for their blogburst section. As I said the other day, it's a sign of progress that the MSM is posting these, even if it's only on line. On the down side, I posted it on the fly without proofing and of course there were a few dumb typos that I corrected in the orginal that won't show up at Reuters but the message will get through even if I look a little illiterate.

They post the whole thing so I don't think it did much for traffic at NH but I've seen a decent spike at The Impolitic because I linked to my post on Everybody Lies in the piece. It seems some researchers in Oregon are testing sewage for the traces of drugs and discovering that a whole lot more people do drugs than are willing to admit it. I've always said that the idea you could judge drug use by self-reporting surveys was bogus and this study pretty much proves it.

Meanwhile, I'm working again today so no time for personal news, but then again I haven't done anything interesting anyway. Hope you all have a great day.


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